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If you feel That you would like to Support our ministry in these hard times, that we are up against. The FREEMANS would truly appreciate your help. We are like most Artist we have lost many dates. And it appears that we may lose more, but we serve a Good God! There has been many of our friends and even church’s that have Blessed us with love offerings, and words of encouragement. We are not begging, Jesus said in his word to let the need be known!  We have never faced a situation like we are facing now. Even before this all happened, We have had some people ask Darrell and myself, if we were going to retire. But we have know intentions of doing that. We feel we still have some songs to sing that will speak to the hearts of those that may be In trouble or lost without Jesus. We’re here to sing and speak Healing to the sick or healing to a broken home. It’s not just in the Good times when we sing his word in song. Even in the hard times I just sing a lot louder. So until he says it’ over, it’s not over! We’re with him, TILL THE END!

If you want to help us out. We are tax detectable. Go to to the Donate button or call us or text us we can do a CC by phone. Pay pal just let us know how. Thank you so much! Our personal cell phone is
Chris Freeman 615-390-6486


Feel free to check out our schedule to see if we're going to be in your area and visit our news page! You can now download our CDs here and our Soundtracks here!

Family harmony, powerful presence, and a timeless message made forever new. These are only a few of the rich gifts one can expect to experience when attending a concert or church service with The Freemans. Read More

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Available On All Digital Platforms

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